Founded in 2005 as an Egyptian shareholding company, Riyada’s core business principal is to produce high quality cheese that satisfies customer needs in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern Markets.


Industrial Zone, South Port Said, plot 50/51

+20 66 377 2070

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    Excellence is clearly visible
    across all aspects of Riyada

       Riyada places excellence in the forefront of all activities, while providing high quality products and services. Although efforts are made to drive down costs, Riyada will never compromise the quality of products produced. We are bound by our promise of quality and excellence to our customers and partners.

       Our cheese products are produced using state-of-the-art technologies coupled with vast experience of the finest cheese makers, in addition to strict adherence to the highest standards of hygiene and quality control across all stages of the production process.

    White cheese

    In partnership with the world leader in packing solutions, Riyada's core strength in the white cheese market stems from our high-capacity production capabilities. Our machinery is equipped with the capacity to increase production as demand increases, while continuously adding new flavor and size variants to our range of products.

    Processed Cheese

    Riyada's state-of-the-art equipment is fully-automated, allowing for efficient production of processed cheese across a wide range of size and flavor variants. Our experience in the field results in the production of high-quality and flavorful processed cheese.

    Natural cheese

    Controlling the source of raw milk is the first step to market premium quality of natural cheese. Different laboratory tests are applied to the raw milk to approve its specification according to the quality required, and then it is heat-treated as per the dictated international standards for semi-hard cheese production. Additionally, Edam & Gouda are special products that require a unique ripening process for a period of 45 to 75 days in order to reach their distinctive aromas.

    Akawi and Gadal cheese

    Investments in the latest and the most advanced technologies have allowed us to process, slice and package our range of Edam, Gouda and processed slices cheese to the highest of standards. Riyada is one of the only companies in the region to possess the capabilities for pre-slicing and packing cheese, resulting in added consumer convenience.

    Shredded Pizzarella

    Riyada utilizes the most advanced technologies in the production of shredded cheese. Our machinery processes a multitude of different recipes, and automatically shreds the cheese to the length and thickness specified. Riyada is one of the only companies with the available equipment to produce shredded cheese in an efficient manner.


    Riyada prides itself on the ability to understand customer needs and quickly responds to market demand. As such, we offer butter uniquely packaged in 10g plastic tubs. Riyada recognizes the gap in the market for single-serving butter, and we are currently the only company in the nation to produce 10g packaged butter.


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