Founded in 2005 as an Egyptian shareholding company, Riyada’s core business principal is to produce high quality cheese that satisfies customer needs in the Egyptian and Middle Eastern Markets.


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    • 1 kilo boiled potatoes
    • 1 bag of pizza
    • ¼ cup of milk
    • eggs
    • rusk
    • Flour
    • salt
    • pepper
    How to prepare:-

    1-Mash the potatoes after boiling with salt and pepper, add the milk gradually until you get a suitable consistency.
    2-Shape the potatoes into balls and fill them with pizza.
    3-Cover with flour, then eggs, and then rusk.
    4-Leave them for hour in the refrigerator, then heat up a lot of oil and start frying.

    How to Catering:-

    1-After getting golden, remove the oil
    2-Serve with your family’s favorite sauces

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